[ mac ] : Backup to CD, Mac OS X 10.3-10.5, and beyond

Put a CD-R or DVD-R into your Combo or Super Drive (CD-R, DVD-R Drive).

Select to Open the CD in the Finder.

This opens a window you can drag files into (alias’s are made, but the real files will be burned)

Click the burn symbol next to the CD/DVD folder on the bottom left of the window, or choose FILE > BURN .


[ windoze ] : backup to CD in Windows XP, Vista

Generally you can stick in a blank CD-R or DVD-R into a CD-R or DVD-R drive. 

After that process is completed, and if the drive recognizes the disc, you should see a window that comes up asking what you want to do next.

Choose to OPEN A FOLDER.

In that folder you can then drag in any files you want to back up.

On the upper left hand side, you can then choose to BURN.

Wait a few, and your data is backed up.

[ mac os ] : HOW TO maintain your disk drive

Ever have that annoying spinning beach ball ? This is one way to aid against that.

A simple way to make your Mac OS X system run smoothly is by booting your system up using your “Mac OS X” Software CD that came with your computer.

Put your CD/DVD in your drive and restart your Mac. Hold down “c” on your keyboard when you hear the start up chime. Alternatively you can hold down “option” key and get the option of different start up disks to choose from. Choose the CD.

From that point on, Mac OS X should be booting from the CD, and it should make whirring and seeking noises. You can click OK, Continue buttons until you see the Apple menu appear at the top.


Click on your Hard Drive icon on the left of the window that appears.

Choose, on the right, REPAIR DISK PERMISSIONS wait for task to complete.

Choose REPAIR DISK, and wait for task to complete.


You have successfully maintained your drive.