[ mac ] : iMac G5 rev. A/B Loud Fan Issues [solved]


The best thing to do for this issue is re-thermalize the CPU. Aka, put new thermal compound between the CPU and the Heat Sink. This requires about an 1-2 hours of work as the motherboard has to come out of the machine, so you can remove the heatsink screws on the underside.


What you’ll need: 

• iMac G5 Disassembly.

• From that point you’ll need some thermal paste.


4 thoughts on “[ mac ] : iMac G5 rev. A/B Loud Fan Issues [solved]

  1. Tried it but it didn’t make much difference… Still loud…. and whiney… But I did replace the HDD with an SSD which has done a lot to keep the beast cooler than before….

  2. The whiney could have been helped by getting rid of the rotary drive. Curious to know how many years you get out of your SSD, often thought about doing that to make these machines more responsive. Biggest bottle neck is the HD for most work.

    If the fans are making irregular noises, you can try some LUB-E from Acehardware, it’s a penetrant and a lubricant. (like WD-40 + Oil) Take the fans out and spray inside them to grease them up. (3 fans total in these machines)

  3. Hi Joel,
    This is Donna at St. Luke Church, Newton, KS.
    Is there any way we can get together and work out this Network of ours?

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