Mac vs. PC

Picture 5

One click or two?
Here’s a table I’ve come up with. Double-clicks are counted as 1 point. All on a fresh install. Only posting clicks that are different. More points, the worse off.

Mac v. PC Notes:
System Prefs 1 vs. 2 - AKA: Control Panel in Windows
Hard Drive 1 vs. 2 - HD's/Drives are on the Mac's Desktop
My Docs 2 vs. 2
Empty Trash 1 vs. 2 - you can right click, select empty in one click
Network Share 2 vs. 3 - windows shares in real world don't work so nicely

Totals so far: [ 7 ] vs. [ 11 ]

Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard wins!!
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