Emachines w2686 is w2685, where are my drivers?

If you have an emachines computer and are looking for it’s drivers you might not be looking hard enough on their website.

If you for instance, as we’ve have, a w2686 model emachines, the drivers for this tower aren’t actually on that Tower’s page. We went up a model and down a model until we found the correct drivers.

Original Drivers.
Actual Drivers.

Generally speaking if your drivers won’t install for any major hardware manufacturer, you might try some of the similar model numbers that still look like your computer. If that doesn’t work, try out


as it will do it’s best to tell you what is inside your computer without actually ripping into it.


[editorial] Dell vs. Apple Support, A lackluster race.

This mostly rags on Dell, as I’ve never generally had issues with Apple’s support when calling in for a customer, and here’s why.

Most of the time we get customers in who simply don’t understand the techsupport-legalese language that goes on behind the scenes of major corporations. Stack that on top of the over-seas dialects, and people get a two-fold culture shock when trying to diagnose any computer problem. It’s like dialing 9-1-1 and being asked to do the open heart surgery on your own lifeless body, with all said above lingual complications. For good humor, computers are really dead to begin with.

I would advocate for Apple’s service, as for authentication, they only care about whether the computer you bought is under warranty. Dell will tell you that if you have boughten the computer through Walmart, or Best-Buy that your computer is in Walmart’s name (meaning that Walmart still “owns” it), and they can’t help you out until you fill something out on their website, and call them back. Only Apple seems to know and understand that the previous sentence can add another 5 hours to your call time. This further creates one extra step between you and a fix. It is easier to go out and buy another whatever..

So what does the added security do at Dell to even begin to get your computer fixed, that Apple seems to neglect? A simple-narrow minded individual stinted on stealing someone’s computer and taking their precious warranty over might have a say. If a person was so inclined to proceed in this route, with that much energy and vigor, the call would just be a cake-walk to them. Since they ask you to fill out a form online and since, it’s all new information, this step seems to only block out the individuals who either don’t have the time, or are inept to deal with the over-the-phone litigations (most people!). This step takes out the innocent. Dell seems to use your time in much the same way a money-back rebate office does; warding off customers who deserve help.

Dell could grab the serial number off of the unit and proceed on whether the unit is under warranty and not do background checks on it’s customers. Apple makes it simple by verifying the code on the computer, and providing US based tech support most every time we’ve needed them.