Facebook Suicide(?): Where’s that checkbox that lets us not login for X amount of days..

Friends say in passing that it would be cool to be able to just get rid of their Facebook account. The ones that actually follow through usually peak their heads back in a few weeks to a month later. They do it due to excessive drama, being addicted to and having excessive logins/day, simply have too much going on in their lives, having a large amount of annoyance towards Facebook building over time, or they just want a vacation: whether it be in their house or in Hawaii and don’t want to sling along their monotonous internet routine.

The idea conceived below could then allow you to accomplish that research paper, smell the roses, and try something new with your free time. I had a friend say to me once that she’d log in just to see if there were any new posts on her home page. She was annoyed that nothing had happened in the past 5 logins. ( But annoyed at what?)

Email is one thing, but Facebook Acid (logging in constantly) is another. Provoking a breaking-the-habit mentality would be either to create an app or write Zuckerberg about including an option that would simply give the user physical control over their addiction or annoyance. (In software)

[ ] Facebook Acid Addiction Control 1, 3, 5, 10 days

Check the box, select number of days and click OK, and you’ve been set free. (For now, mWahhahah. It’s christmas/buddha/quanza time–there’s bound to be a strenuously scary laugh somewhere)


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