Kingston 64GB SSDNow V-Series Drive, MacBook – 130 $

Sorta surprised when I came across this gem for a customer who wanted reliability paired with not really needing much disk space. The speeds advertised for this product were pretty close to drives costing double, if not triple from other brands / sources. The original buyer was looking to do a hard drive swap on his Vista laptop.

Being as it is that I’m at home with Mac, I slapped this in a MacBook and installed 10.6 from an external hard drive for speed. The install was about 20 mins if that, and boot time was around 10 seconds after the initial setup. The drive had to be partitioned in a GUID state to enable an Intel Mac to boot.

Format as GUID:
1. Open Disk Utility (on Mac OS X Install disk, preferably 10.5+) 2. Select the SSD Disk 3. Choose the Parition Tab 4. Select “1” under Paritions 5. Click Options button, Choose GUID. See Examples below.

Speeds were generally blistering, feeling like a huge bottle neck was removed when replacing the internal 250GB Rotary SATA hard drive. Granted this MacBook system is a 2007 model and it felt from a general use point of view to be like a brand new system Apple hasn’t even produced yet.

As an added and unexpected bonus, it also comes with an external case that you can put your SATA hard drive in and software is included for your Windows computer to transfer data. With a Mac, all the software you need for such a project already came with your computer. Mac OS X 10.5+ during installation to your new drive, will look for existing drives with all of your information (Apps / User files / AddressBook).

A pretty good setup for most operating systems.