20100118_ACTA_Agreement, an international agreement that could allow humans to be treated as guilty until proven innocent on copyrights: highly Unconstitutional


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Edit: Word is going around the internet that a new regime of copyright assault from corporations on individuals is being pursued and negotiated internationally. The idea backing this package is that if corporations have more power, they can scare and sue individuals with greater speed and power then ever before. Anyone being actively hunted by the corporations will have all constitutional rights waved, and all by a corporation or business power. This means that you, as an individual, can now be searched and seized without warrant. Additionally this is a quiet agreement that will never see congress for vote, and could be waved through using back-room meetings + lobbyists + our politicians.

So, what do we do? … to be continued.

Please read possibly one of the worst uses of governmental/corporational power (due highly to lobbying) I’ve ever seen. This is just a prequel if things are actually successful.


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