$300 New Dollar Laptop vs. your old one?

There’s probably not a huge difference in speed, if anything your old laptop is faster and better at most things and could use a clean up. Perhaps slapping a bigger hard drive in it would help to hold all of your digital pics from your camera, download more music as well. We include a suite of standard applications that keep your computer productive, even if it is 5-7 years old.

Most Applications together with your Operating System like about 1 GB RAM+, 500 GB hard drive space.

If you have a 15″ laptop made a few years ago and you paid about 600+ for it, have it revamped. By Us, by anyone! A $300 laptop can waste your time and cause your old computer to be unnecessarily wasted in the landfill.

Call 3 1 6- 2 8 3- 5 5 3 3 from 3-7, M-F for any questions or about dropping off your computer.

We recycle, install new Hard Drives, Re-Install Nuked Operating systems, Remove Viruses, and Bite our nails stressfully while doing it!


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