Stop SOPA which threatens the FREE USE of all Websites. NDAA allows Torture / Arrests without trial for ANYONE.

These two mentioned issues are steps the U.S. government is taking to create a state where none of it’s citizens would want to stay in its country.

ISSUE #1: SOPA “The Stop Online Piracy Act”

: Local Business and Beyond.

Please do all that you can to voice your opinion with SOPA. Purportedly an act to stop online piracy, it really allows corporations to terminate / accuse / convict anyone using a site (accidental or not) that is not supported by a certain set of guidelines by these Entertainment Corporations. Congressmen and Women are PAID 525,000 $ each for voting in support of this ACT[1]. The Entertainment industry will have the power to cripple the internet on any whim it so chooses.

In the extreme Super Collider Computers,, Youtube, Google could face major lawsuits and take down violations for even mentioning copyrighted material. No one would be able to post anything they want. They would have the added worry of loosing house and personal freedoms for a two-second online post. Things like this are allowed because corporations can pay senators a half a million dollars a piece for voting on bills no one would ever want.

This corporate mentality of bribing our senators congressmen/women will not stand. If this bill passes it will force sites around the world to close, including many local ones.

Please write your indecent government today: WE CAN’T DO BUSINESS AS NORMAL WITHOUT YOUR VOICE, YOUR ACTION, YOUR HELP.

Anonymous is you, it is everyone wanting rights for themselves: STOP SOPA[img].


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Lobbyists spent / BRIBED : 100 MILLION dollars to have it pushed through.

See additionally what your government is doing for you : NDAA was just signed by Obama. This is very bad, and this is coming from millions of Obama supporters[2,3]. Freedoms are halved or more. No one supports this movement, yet we can’t do anything about it as American Citizens.

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