Google, Reddit, WikiPedia Join among other large Sites to Protest SOPA / PIPA; causes SOPA crash in congress.

Jan. 18th websites such as Google, Reddit, and Wikipedia are going to shut down and/or protest the SOPA / PIPA Bills that Congress is to debate on Jan 24th.

The black out isn’t to cause panic, but to cause awareness. When the sites blackout on Jan.18th, they are acting as if they were living in the shadow of the two bills. Many sites mention or post links to copyrighted materials, and this is in direct violation of the bill.

Example: A child mentions a copyrighted work on Facebook, and Facebook doesn’t have the security censors in place to remove it fast enough, Facebook, the Child, and Parents would be sued and prosecuted to a jail sentence to the fullest extent of the bill.

Hollywood has paid out 94 million dollars and growing to rush the people we elect to support the bill. These people we elect, in the face of millions of dollars then go against the conscience of the people. This is when the people revolt or protest. Enter, January 18th.

If you feel like you support this cause against SOPA / PIPA, then show your support by signing up at or writing every congressman woman who is voting on the bill: . Feel free to pick two of the people on the list to call.

With SOPA / PIPA protests continuing, it is loosing support in Congress, and it looks like it may die. Congress however is being lobbied for revisions. These revisions would most likely loose support as Hollywood’s general position is to sue for millions on the grounds of a one dollar music track.


One thought on “Google, Reddit, WikiPedia Join among other large Sites to Protest SOPA / PIPA; causes SOPA crash in congress.

  1. Super Collider fully supports the protests of SOPA / PIPA along with:

    • – The Obama Administration only is against this [ Congress is getting payouts to support legislation for incapacitating our internet. ]

    • – Worlds Largest Search engine.

    • – The Top Social Media Site, everyone can submit stories, and everyone votes.

    • – The Top photo sharing website.

    • – The Top Social Networking site (Majority of users on the site are anti-SOPA)

    • – One of the Best Blogging websites, free blogs for everyone.

    • – Gadgets, Gizmos and Electronics Infrastructure tech site.

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