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Flashing Cisco routers to DD-WRT, a professional bit of software for the consumer world.


How to Flash your router to be an ultra-modern router and resurrect it to work again ? Try DD-spanking-WRT. It’s like viagra for routers. If that makes any sense.

Step One: Dust off that old router that hasn’t been used in ages. Make sure it’s clean, and when you fire it up, the LEDs do something. As an added gesture of compassion, try sticking in an ethernet cable attached to a computer to see if more LEDs turn on. If your router can’t pass these simple tests, then it might be time to put it down. We suggest burying it in the back yard like an artifact for a future Indiana Jones to excavate.

Step Two: Now that you have your generally working router plugged into your computer via ethernet, it’s time to go ‘surfing the internets.’ NOTE: You might need to pull the router from your computer so that you can get on the regular way you connect. GOTO: ddwrt.com and let’s boogy.

Step Three: After that site loads go and click on the icon that says ‘ROUTER DATABASE.’ What you will search for will be the Model Number on the bottom, top, side to side on the router. E1000, wrt-120N, m10 (valet) are all Cisco-based router model numbers.

REMEMBER YOUR DOING THIS STUFF TO SAVE YOURSELF ABOUT 50 BUCKS (~150 $ equivalent, as you’ll have a professional grade equivalent) from getting a newer router with crappy-gooey software (Belkin/LinksysCisco/Netgear’s consumer default crapware)

Step Furrrrr: Download one of the files that comes up after you find the model number that finally brings something up, usually the ones at the top of the list that are greater than 2MB’s are good to start with. They end in .bin and are not to be unzipped when you download them. The router does this internally.

–DOWNLOAD COMPLETED– (Did your download complete alright ?)

#5. Connect router via ethernet. Goto or or and this should access your login page for your router. If you get a ‘not connected to the internet’ error on all 3, you might check your cabling and see if your wire is plugged into a port labeled 1 through 4. ‘Internet’ Ports or WAN ports will not work for this upgrade.

Log in, find the Admin / Firmware Upgrade section by hunting around and select the file you downloaded previously. DDWRT.*******somethingsomething.bin

Click UPLOAD. Try other files if it fails. If it works, it’ll tell you and then you’ll need to refresh your webpage.

DONE DONE DONE. Happy clap.


Grand Opening Week

Sat 10am – 3pm – GRAND OPENING!image

Just come and grab some hot dogs, something on the vegetable platter and ask questions about computers. Hesston, Newton, anyone is invited. Come one, come all!

M-F 11am – 5pm.

HOME MADE ICED TEA ! Earl Grey / Mandarin Orange creation. Yummy.

We have 3 different stations for testing out your computer for a very quick, and informative diagnostic.

21.5″ & 27″ iMac Hard Drive Replacement. + Overcoming Apple’s Engineering w/ Thermal sensors & Loud Fans

This story came as a suprise to us as usually Apple is one for using standard replaceable parts for it’s technologies. Hard Drives go out, RAM gets zapped, and you just install a newer / bigger-sized one. Most companies are afforded their proprietary rights in motherboards, LCDs, Inverters, etc. These latter objects can be replaced, but with some sense of knowing your getting into a game of needing the EXACT part. The car industry knows every bit of this sentence.

Macs and PCs get out of this game by offering upgrades that are standardized. A hard drive in a PC with SATA connections can be put into a Mac should you want. And while this is still true, the latest iMacs from Apple grumble, but allow it with a big noise. This noise is propagated from a thermal wire in the unit that has to be connected to a standard hard drive with proprietary firmware. If the firmware isn’t set, Apple’s own heat monitoring electronics don’t get the data that is needed and a fan in the unit revs from 1500 rpms up to 6000 rpms. This is bad and loud, especially if it’s your engine doing this.

So a handy computer repair person, like some of you, might try the repair as a standard knowledge set and be slapped in the face for doing just a standard repair.

As pointed out by the red arrows, Right, the Hard Drive and Thermal Sensor Wire can not only be a mis-match for your particular drive, but can also make your fans spin to terrific speeds.

 Hard drive replacement isn’t as hard as the picture above would lead you to believe. When doing a replacement with these new iMacs, it was specified to use the same brand of hard drive to give you a slight chance in overcoming issues. Now there is are two known pieces of software out there that can greatly help.


SSD Fan Control:  [ http://exirion.net/ssdfanctrl/ ] – Free. (test to see if it works on your mac first)

HDD Fan Control : [ http://www.hddfancontrol.com/ ] – Free to try for an hour; 30 $ charge.

45 $ / hr pricing for March Madness !! – Hesston [Electron] Location

Enjoy our new low rates at our new store in Hesston, Kansas.

Call with any questions: 951.5075

Computers Fixed for as low as 45 $

An idea of Pricing / Hourly rates for most issues. We’ll work with your budget, and offer assistance where we can.

• HARD DRIVE CLONING (can copy a 40 GB to a 2TB Drive with resizing!) •
• FREE QUICK DIAGNOSTIC (Memory Test / Hardware test) •
• OS Install (Drivers / Applications / Backup, Standard) •

Most issues can fall into the 50 $ – 150 $ Range, tougher issues with hardware/recovery–advanced virus can be more hours, but still usually cheaper than getting new, and still keeping all of your files and applications and things like installed printers !

We do have a 30 Day warranty on the work we do. If a virus comes back and you don’t know what to do, we are there to help. I want to make sure that we do the best possible job.

Additionally, we backup your data when your computer is acting dumb, so that if we have to re-insall your operating system, your files are back where they were!

Come and see us for any quick questions.

-Rodger, We Fix Dumb Computers. 🙂 est. 1999 in North Newton, KS