Haven’t listened to your iTunes in a year or more: Easy to refresh, trash the old!

After noticing that I hadn’t in particular listened to my iTunes library in at least 3 years, I began to wonder why. Surely I didn’t stop liking my music. So I began pairing my music tastes with my IT skills and came up with a very simple way to get your iTunes stuff back to the enjoyable–instead of hasbeen–part of your life.

I’ll state basically what we are going to do, and then show you how to do it. 

Basically put: We are going to take everything out of iTunes, and move the iTunes music folder so your iTunes is fresh, and free from good stuff and “junk” all together. Then the next thing we are going to do is open up your music folder, and then select the artists you want to keep, and copy them back into iTunes. 

This will create an iTunes library worth listening to.

If you are on a mac, the instructions will have a [Mac] specific tag, and [Win] for Windows.

1. Open up iTunes, and go to your song list. This seems like a scary step, but you are going to [Edit] menu, and [Select All], and then [Edit] again, and then select [Delete]. Key here is to select “KEEP ALL FILES” when it asks. TRES IMPORTANTE ! [Don’t click]Delete all files.[Don’t Click] 

1.5 Close iTunes. Completely quit it, [Mac] so that no open lights appear under the iTunes icon in the dock, [Windows] Make sure the Window is closed.

2. Next Goto [Mac]- Finder / Hard Drive, [Windows]-Start Menu Then on the left there should be a Music Folder or User Folder with your Music Folder in it. After opening that you should see a folder named iTunes, and iTunes Music in there. The [iTunes Music] folder is the one now we want to drag to the desktop. This moves the folder and doesn’t copy it.

3. Open iTunes.

3. Now just open iTunes Music folder and holding shift, select multiple folders you want to keep–as in ones  you listen to.

4. Drag the folders into iTunes, and now suddenly you will want to listen to your music on shuffle again.

FAQ: If you are having problems, you want to check your iTunes preferences, Advanced, and make sure iTunes COPIES all music added to it. Additionally, when you move the folder from the Music folder, you want to make sure the folder moves, and doesn’t just make another copy. 


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