c1860fw Samsung Printer always going to 2-up printing under Eco-mode

This setting can be easily changed, (after two hours with Samsung Support and no help from them) you  have to use the SYNC Thru service by typing in your printers IPAddress or by going to Samsung Easy Printer Manager (or installing it if you don’t have it already).

Then you go to the Advance mode button, and choose SyncThru Utility.

Choose the log in at the upper right. admin / sec00000 for the default user and password.


Then once you are in there goto Settings, Machine Settings and look to the left where you will see a column.

Go to Machine Settings > System > Eco Settings

Choose Custom Settings on the right panel, (scroll down), then choose EDIT

Turn all of the N-UP modes to OFF

Press OK And Apply on the underlying window.


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