Android 6.0.1 Lollipop and Slow Issues = App Data FFFFFFFuuuuuubar

You can go through the factory resets and cache partition data wipes, but sometimes that just isn’t the issue.

At length, I was messing around with this Samsung Note 4, and previous to that, My Galaxy 2, Evo 4G, and some other large screened devices of the time. There always seemed to be a point where the phone just got so slow no matter what I’d do.


One must reset the thing, data wipe, drop the phone on the ground **BECAUSE FRANTIC** from time to time.

The problem existed in several of these phones as App Sync Data left over from the many google backups I had laying on the server. **checking** 10 DEVICES.. WTF !

STEP One – Backup your contacts to another place. Your External SD Card, or email them to your account. (Note: however, This process shouldn’t remove your contacts.)

STEP Two – Install Google Photos, and have it backup all of your photos and vids overnight, umlimited free backups.

Step Three – Look through all of your apps, and make sure there isn’t something important that might get left behind, Notes, Texts, Naughty and good things, you can always install your apps later, but your customizations will disappear, unless, sometimes, you created an account within that app.

Throwing the phone out the window vs. Resetting your phone completely to factory +++ Killing App Data :

Step A – After you have signed the software death sentence of your phone away, peruse the Settings App, scroll down to Back up and Reset and then choose Factory data reset and do everything you can to wipe it clean. [ There is another way to do this by holding down a few buttons at start up on your specific phone ]

Step B – Your Phone will churn away and do some stuff. Then it will politely ask you to enter your google account at some point. THIS IS WHERE YOU DON’T DO IT. The App Data most likely from your google account is messing everything up. A good lass (boy or girl) will clear their backup data first:

  • Goto Your Google Dashboard
  • Goto your Android Section
  • Delete Backup Data should be present.
  • Press it and get rid of it !

From here you should be able to sign into your account on your phone or Android Device and be golden. (One other trick is to not sign in to the account, and just setup your android phone without the Account, Goto Settings, Accounts and add in your Google Account. As soon as the password is accepted, IMMEDIATELY TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE. You want to go into that account and uncheck Sync App Data.)

Step C – Read this step.

Ok, you should be better off, as this should take care of 99% of Software glitches. One other work around might be to clear all app data off your phone by some other means, and the server which could avoid the whole reset all data thing. But I’m too lazy with electronics to recreate the problem again and …zzz.



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