MacKeeper is Adware / Spyware in our own tests.

Mac OS X: The verdict isn’t out on this piece of software meant to keep your mac clean.


Generally it gets bad and good(paid) reviews. But due to the reviews stating that this application is so destructive to ones system, one has to figure that this company is paying people to write good reviews.

At our shop with our own internal research, findings show that when running on a new computer, installing MacKeeper causes it to run sporadic in speed.

According to the worst reviews, apparently this app scans all of your files and removes pictures. At random. Other people complain of other files that go missing as well.

We Mac people are a naive bunch when it comes to viruses and spyware. They are directly playing on this ideal when tricking Mac users into installing this onto your computer.

For real virus protection that is free, turn to: Mac Sophos AntiVirus, we use this at the shop.

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 11.01.51 PM

Additionally, regarding MacKeeper, if you take a look at the two reviews below, you’ll notice at the bottom is a section that says, “Did you find this review helpful?” The one with praise is found as not useful, and the one with a bad rating is seemingly very useful.

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 10.51.19 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 10.54.02 PM

All Reviews gathered from CNET:


PC or mac running hot? It could be your fan causing heat.

In this pc we disassembled we are going in to replace the motherboard. The culprit is dust build up on the cpu’s heat exhaust fins, a common issue.


This fan has been freshly oiled and dusted for the greatest amount of airflow possible. This should give the laptop three or four years plus w proper maintenence.

$300 New Dollar Laptop vs. your old one?

There’s probably not a huge difference in speed, if anything your old laptop is faster and better at most things and could use a clean up. Perhaps slapping a bigger hard drive in it would help to hold all of your digital pics from your camera, download more music as well. We include a suite of standard applications that keep your computer productive, even if it is 5-7 years old.

Most Applications together with your Operating System like about 1 GB RAM+, 500 GB hard drive space.

If you have a 15″ laptop made a few years ago and you paid about 600+ for it, have it revamped. By Us, by anyone! A $300 laptop can waste your time and cause your old computer to be unnecessarily wasted in the landfill.

Call 3 1 6- 2 8 3- 5 5 3 3 from 3-7, M-F for any questions or about dropping off your computer.

We recycle, install new Hard Drives, Re-Install Nuked Operating systems, Remove Viruses, and Bite our nails stressfully while doing it!

Now offering hardware repair issues with 1-2 week turn around

PC/MAC Laptop/Desktop issues:
>> PowerJack issues (150 – 200 $)
>> Motherboard component repair / replacement (100$ to Price of motherboard)

iMac: Capacitor Replacement issues on iMacs, iMac G5’s,
>> GPU Reflow (or Motherboard replacement, whichever is cheapest) (~200+ $)
>> iMac G5/Intel Power Supply fix / test (~150+ $)
>> General Motherboard repair (PC/Mac): (150+ $)

PC’s: Motherboard issues, component repair, chip reflow / replacement of motherboard (~100-200$ )

*All prices are high-ball estimates based on time and specialization.

New Custom Tower: Want a high-quality / locally built desktop ? Prices range from (400-800$) And include 30-day phone tech support. Choose from: SlimPC’s//TV PC’s w/remote//Beefier Tower PC’s all include multi-core processors and Windows 7 or Ubuntu 10+!

What is Ubuntu?