7 thoughts on “DIY

  1. hello,
    my laptop has crashed. This is the second time since I’ve had it. I am going to replace it with a completely new one, my question is if you have any ability to get things like music and pictures off the harddrive of a laptop that has crashed. I have an external hard drive that I could have it put on if this possible. Please let me know if this can even happen and how much it would be.
    Allison Goff

    • We do things like this ! And we have a 55 / hr charge. Most of the time it’s 1-2 hrs. If the hard drive is motionless / bricked / burned out than there is little we can do.

      We are at 24th & Main, N. Newton, KS 67117 and open from 1-6pm M-F, otherwise by appointment.

  2. My “stupid computer” has somewhat locked me out! I can log on but once I’m there, I have a nice note that says all my files/folders can not be accessed. Can you help me with that? I’m closer to Hesston.

    • Yes we can. Robert and I can look at it over at that shop. You should be able to meet him around 4-6 in that range.

      Corrupt and hidden files usually means a virus. And there is some of that going around.

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