Pricing – 150 $ Lab

REFRESH YOUR OLD COMPUTER for a quarter the cost of new ! [ by getting your current computer fixed ]

Low, Lab Rates, 150 $

150 $ Fixes most problems on your computer, with elevated issues being 50 $ more for Repairs.

This temporary pricing scheme will greatly reduce total cost to you, the people. On average, large chain repair centers charge from 69$ to 133$/ hr for their in-lab work. And billed time is generally in the 2-4 hour range for most issues.

Where as we have quick turn around in the 2-3 max day range for software issues. 24-Hour turn around or quicker available upon request. (99$ extra during high-volume)

NEW: Major hardware issues are realistically taken care of in the 1-2 week range depending on parts. Motherboard/Component level fixing is possible, hardware checkups as well.
We make every effort to keep your data personal. And so we hold your data to a personal level. Before a system hard drive data erase, we will have your data backed up in two locations [ server & ext.HD ].

Most customers leave satisfied knowing that what ever we do at our Labs are covered for 30-Days guarantee.

Negotiable based on income.


10 thoughts on “Pricing – 150 $ Lab

  1. Hi, I’m in the middle of editing wedding photos and really realizing that .5G is not enough RAM. Wondering how long and how much $ it takes to get an upgrade. My computer is super slow! Recently deleted everything and reinstalled windows. It’s 4 years old. Acer.
    Whatever info you could give me would be great! Thanks

    • Depending on whether you have two slots filled or not is the big question. 512 MB of RAM will be around 25 bucks and 1 GB of RAM will be about 50 bucks. You might be able to go to 2Gigs, especially if your using Photoshop, or editing a bunch of pics. It depends on the model of Laptop!

  2. Hey Roger,
    My neighbor has a Imac that has given them problems lately. They have had it since Nov so it is still under warranty, and they had the geek squad come to their house once and replaced the hard drive, after shipping it back to Apple. They are still having problems and they wanted to know if you do warranty work? Let me know, mr. o.

  3. Hi,

    I picked up a panasonic toughbook cf-19 on a police auction, and before the sale it had the hard drive removed from it. Can you give me an estimate of what it would cost to have a hard drive and windows 7 or any other OS installed?


    • Sorry about the late reply, I’d recommend Ubuntu to keep costs down: ~150 – 200 $ for labor let’s say, and about 100 for the part. If you want windows 7, that adds on about 130 bucks.

  4. Hi. My Toshiba laptop has a broken screen. Is this something that you could fix? I also have another Toshiba like it, which is broken but the screen is fine. I don’t know if that screen could be used to replace the other broken screen?

    • Sometimes that does work, but most of the time there are slight differences in standards (dimensions) required to install the LCD from one model to another. If it’s the same model and screen size, then it will work just fine. But lately LCDs aren’t that bad, given that they are generally mass produced.

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