We are a small town quick turn around operation.

• Better Prices than other large chain stores.

• Mac and PC Repair

• In-Home Network Setup, PC/Mac-Education, Over-all Around Computer Care.

(FOR INFO ON THE MAP: Click the [-] box about 4 times to see our store–google maps bug!)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Guys,

    Dropped off the Messed Pressario c700 today. I talked to HP they are going to send me a new ac adaptor but not the power cord. It should work with the one that I have now. knock on wood. They said when the ac adapter doesn’t charge the battery call them back and they’ll send one then.
    It will be 4-5 business days they said until i get the new adapter. So warranty is going to cover everything but the OS.

    Just wanted to give you an update.


  2. Hey,
    Re: what I came to talk to you about late last week.
    I want to give Linux one more chance with those eMacs. I want to try the latedst version of openSUSE.
    However, the PPC version only can be burned as an image on DVD. (It is 4.1 Gig.)
    I don’t have access to a DVD burner. Do you have one at the store? Would you be willing to download the image and burn it to DVD for me? I can drop by a DVD to replace the one you use.
    Let me know.

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